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Felesia Martin, County Board - District 7


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Our Public Parks

As your county supervisor, one of my priorities will be to address our aging county parks system. Our district includes Dineen Park, The Indigenous Peoples' Park, Garden Homes Parks, and Sherman Park. I have worked on efforts to rebuild and repair our parks and neighborhoods and will continue to do so. Our Garden Home Park revealed its new playground and water pond this past Spring.  Continued improvements may require going to Madison to secure new resources or examining innovative ways to add to the county parks budget, I will continue the work to improve our parks for current and future generations.

Public Safety

One of the most pressing issues across Milwaukee is public safety. We have people who lack access to jobs with a livable wage when they come out of prison. We have neighborhoods which are falling apart. As your elected official, I am fighting to reform our criminal justice system. We can't afford to maintain the status quo when it comes to our public safety.

County Finances

The county continues to struggle when it

comes to our financial future. We continue to correct a pension system which is filled with errors and employees who are giving up a life of public service for the private sector. I working with the County Executive to solve these serious issues so that our employees can have confidence their pension will be their for them in their twilight years and so our kids can enjoy the same services as our generation. We must continue to work together to build a sustainable future.


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